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As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Nov. 13, 2019
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Episode Transcript

Part One 

Impeachment hearings: Democrat
Public impeachment hearings begin in Washington — and while the Republicans accuse the Democrats of distortion, our guest accuses President Trump of extortion. 

New Brunswick smelter closing
In northern New Brunswick, a smelting operation announces it's closing forever — leaving 400 people out of work, including our guest, who's worked there for 38 years. 

Montreal car hero
Erick Marciano of Montreal says he was just doing what needed to be done when he saved pedestrians by driving his SUV in the path of a car fleeing police at 80 kilometres per hour.

Part Two

Erdogan protester
18 months ago, our guest suffered brain damage after being beaten by Turkish security agents — but today, Murat Yasa was back in D.C. to protest the Turkish president again.  

John Murrell obit
The late playwright John Murrell played a major role in the growth of Canadian theatre — and a protegée says her mentor lived ""the true and perfect image of life indeed." 

Part Three

Bolivia's former minister
Bolivia's president flees to Mexico, and a Bible-wielding former opponent says she'll rule in his place — and our guest says both developments make her feel unsafe in her own country. 

Student impeachment
As impeachment proceedings get underway for the U.S. president, they're also getting started at a university in Florida — where the student government is trying to get its president impeached after he used student fees to bring Donald Trump Jr. to campus.

End of life study
The 3 Wishes project grants wishes to dying patients and their families. And according to a new study it has been successful, powerful — and affordable.