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As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Nov. 6, 2019
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Part One

UK Russia report
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson won't release a report on Russian political interference until after the election — but our guest says keeping it in his  hands is playing into Vladimir Putin's. 

Rawi Hage
Lebanon-born Canadian author Rawi Hage wins a major mid-career award — and tonight, he tells why he accepted that prize with a Lebanese protest banner in hand. 

Fossilized stump find
While relieving themselves during a canoe trip, two Alberta men stumble on a nifty-looking fossilized stump that turned out to be 65 million years old. 

Part Two

Nell Scovell
Ten years after one of his former writers denounced him for his behaviour toward women, David Letterman tells her he's sorry — and Nell Scovell tells us why she accepted his apology. 

Stolen violin
Stephen Morris hit a low note after leaving his extremely valuable violin on a train — but now, the two have been reunited, after things reached a crescendo.

Part Three

Amazon protector killed
He stood for the forest. Now, an Indigenous forest protector has fallen — killed by illegal loggers in northeastern Brazil. It's the latest act of violence against Indigenous people there. And the latest blow against the land he was protecting. 

Dingo found 
When they found Wandi in eastern Australia, rescuers thought he was a cute but ordinary puppy — and then testing revealed he was a rare purebred dingo.