As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Oct. 16, 2019

Episode Transcript

Part One

Isolated Dutch family
In the Netherlands, a family is discovered living — and possibly confined — in a secret room in a farmhouse. And they might never have been found if one member of that family hadn't walked into a bar and asked for help.

New Brunswick abortion access
New Brunswick doctor Adrian Edgar says the rules about out-of-hospital abortions might force him to close the doors of his Fredericton clinic — which offers far more than that procedure.

Canadian soccer win
After a drought of more than three decades, the Canadian men's soccer team beat the US last night — and coach John Herdman says fans should expect more success to come. 

Part Two

Made-up economist
In his books, Donald Trump advisor and business professor Peter Navarro cites a particular Harvard-trained economist named "Ron Vara", whose insights are unreal — because Mr. Vara is also. 

Tulip fraud
You'd think that the venerable Dutch tulip growers' association would no longer experience growing pains — but it's just discovered some of its famous flowers may actually be duds, and frauds. 

Part Three

Plastics from ships
It's so remote its official name is "Inaccessible Island". But a recent study found that waste plastic is having no trouble getting across the South Atlantic and winding up on the shores of that island. Because all that plastic is being tossed off ships. 

Monty the Python
Monty the Python was missing for months. Now, after all that time — and one discouraging case of mistaken identity — a Toronto family has finally located their lost snake. Which was in the house the whole time.