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As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition
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Episode Transcript

Part One

Turkey/Syria border
Deserted by their U.S. allies, Syrian Kurds are immediately targeted by a Turkish military operation — and a spokesperson with the Kurdish PYD party says they now have only themselves to rely on.

Conservative immigration
Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says he'll target asylum seekers who enter at unofficial border crossings. 

Alaska guitars
Students in Anchorage, Alaska will have to be gentle with the fancy guitars donated to their school board — because our guest says they're the equivalent of Cadillacs. 

Part Two

Calgary councillor: climate emergency
Towns and cities across Canada have declared a "state of climate emergency" — but some councillors in Calgary insist they've got everything under control.  

Tennessee whiskey company
After years of work, Fawn Weaver is overjoyed about the new distillery named in honour of an enslaved man called "Nearest Green" — who taught Jack Daniels how to make whiskey. 

Part Three

Montgomery mayor
Steven Reed, the mayor-elect of Montgomery, Alabama, had a historic win last night — which will make him the first black mayor of the Alabama capital in its 200-year history. 

Silica disease
A new report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has linked 18 cases of an irreversible and deadly lung injury to people who worked with engineered stone in four U.S. states. Some members of U.S. Congress have called on the Department of Labour to step in to protect workers.