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As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition
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Part One

Khashoggi baroness
It's been one year since journalist Jamal Khashoggi was brutally killed -- and our guest has a hard time believing the order didn't come from the Saudi crown prince. 

Canadian foreign aid follow-up
After Andrew Scheer promises to save 1-point-5 billion dollars by cutting Canadian foreign aid to certain countries, our guest offers the Conservatives some domestic aid with their math. 

Bison gore
A Utah hiker was stunned when his date was gored by a bison while visiting a state park, because only one other person has been gored in that park this year -- and it was him. 

Part Two

Homeless singer
A Los Angeles woman was sleeping outside on cardboard before she gave a solo singing performance in a subway -- and now, she's fielding job offers and donations from awestruck fans. 

London homecoming
An annual booze-fueled party in London, Ontario, attracts thousands and creates chaos -- and the mayor is especially disgusted by the ugly, misogynist signs made by students for the fake homecoming. 

Part Three

Zimbabwe water shortage
In Harare, Zimbabwe, politicians turned off the taps last month, exacerbating the city's already intolerable water shortage. The country has suffered a severe drought, and a serious economic crisis -- but our guest blames the city government.

Safe Third Countries
The Trump administration has signed deals with El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras requiring asylum seekers to seek protection in those countries before trying to come to the U.S. But migrant advocates say those countries cannot be considered safe for refugees.