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As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Sept. 11, 2019

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Part One

Quebec MAID ruling
Quebec's Superior Court says part of the law on medically assisted dying is unconstitutional — and allows the two residents who brought the case to court the right to die immediately. 

Dorian: Bahamas Minister of Health
The Minister of Health for the Bahamas says the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian is almost beyond description — and the death toll will rise beyond current estimates. 

Rhino Party Maxime Bernier
The Rhinoceros Party gets a name candidate to run against Maxime Bernier leader of the People's Party: Maxime Bernier. 

Part Two

Turkey Syrian refugee
They were welcome — now they're welcome to leave. After taking in more Syrian refugees than any other country, the president of Turkey now says he wants to deport  a million Syrian refugees.

Alabama NOAA
It's more than just a story of the U.S. president showing a weather map altered with a Sharpie — to former head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Kathy Sullivan, it's also a story of the agency giving in to political pressure. 

Part Three

Scottish court decision
Another explosive development today for British PM Boris Johnson: a Scottish court rules that he didn't just break the law to suspend parliament — he misled the Queen. 

Ontario insurance
Ontario says it just wants to make it more convenient for drivers. But criminal defence lawyer Kyla Lee warns that allowing the police to verify insurance information on a smart phone might open you up to abuses of your rights.

Deepwater Horizon crabs
Marine biologist Craig McClain says there is a dearth of marine life at the Deepwater Horizon spill site — except for dying crabs. But a lack of funding means not enough research has been done into why species recovery has been so shockingly poor.