As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Sept. 4, 2019

Episode Transcript

Part One

Hong Kong bill pulled
Months after an extradition bill sent thousands into the streets of Hong Kong, it's off the table — but our guest says that won't stop the protests. 

Hassan Guillet
The Liberals say they sacked Hassan Guillet because of comments about Israel, but the former imam says he's not a racist — and his comments weren't a surprise to the party. 

Dog brains
It turns out humans don't just change dogs' appearance with breeding, and ill-advised bandanas — Harvard assistant professor Erin Hecht says we've also re-shaped their brains.

Part Two

Brexit latest
British PM Boris Johnson faced failures at every turn today — and even a member of his own party says he feels his new leader's been more appalling than appealing. 

New Brunswick NDP/Green
The NDP loses 14 former New Brunswick candidates to the Greens — along with a worker who says the party failed to address his warnings that some voters were uncomfortable with a leader who's Sikh.

Part Three

Vaping illness
You see and smell people exhaling clouds of sweet-smelling stuff all over the streets these days. But now, clouds are forming over the very practice of vaping — after it's tide to a mysterious disease in the United States that's mainly affecting teens and young adults. 

Trucking fish
Since a rockslide in a remote part of BC's Fraser River, thousands of salmon have been unable to get upstream to spawn. Now, a response team has a last-minute solution: they'll transport the fish by truck.