As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

June 12, 2019


Part One

Pharmacare report
An advisory council says Canada should adopt a universal public pharmacare program — and while it's an expensive idea, our guest says we can't afford not  to do it. 

Hong Kong hunger strike
Minnie Li is on hunger strike to protest Hong Kong's extradition bill. And she says she's never seen police use force so readily, or relentlessly, as they did today. 

Bottomless Pond cabins
If you pay a visit to Una Hoyles on Newfoundland's Bottomless Pond, she can't invite you in — because, after a year of flooding, her cabin has floated away. 

Part Two

Pooni Jordan appeal

Three sisters in BC accused their cousin of sexually abusing them as children, and he was found guilty — but this week a judge ordered a stay of proceedings, citing trial delays. 

Scott Warren mistrial
An Arizona man was criminally charged after he gave migrants food, water, and lodging — but a jury couldn't agree on whether he was guilty of harbouring undocumented immigrants. 

Part Three

Media panel
John Miller, former chair of Ryerson's journalism school, asks why the panel advising Ottawa's journalism bailout includes so many big, old industry players, and so few advocates for the news Canadians could actually use.

Music fire
For the first time, a New York Times investigation reveals the extent of the damage caused by a 2008 fire at Universal Studios — including the irreplaceable master recordings for some half-a-million songs.