As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

May 29, 2019

Episode transcript

Part One

SNC Trial
A Quebec judge says there's enough evidence to prosecute SNC Lavalin for bribing the Gadafhi dictatorship, and defrauding the Libyan people. 

Velma Demerson Obit
In 1939, the late Velma Demerson was jailed for her relationship with a Chinese man — and our guest describes her tenacity in the face of sexism and racism. 

Car Guy
89-year-old Bill Brown made a car that has two steering wheels facing opposite directions, and is both automatic and manual — so we'll try to figure out where he's coming from. 

Part Two

Human Rights Watch: Egypt Torture
Human Rights Watch says the Egyptian military is guilty of war crimes against civilians in its fight against a militia affiliated with ISIS.

Forest Radio
If you download our guest's app, you can wander through the forest and hear the trees talking — sharing pleasant recollections, and bitter recriminations. 

Part Three

Breast Reduction Rules
The province of Nova Scotia denied our guest health-care coverage for her breast-reduction surgery. Now, it's changed its policy — after she spent two years challenging the rules. 

Malaysia Garbage 
Malaysia is the latest country to rebuke Canada for refusing to take responsibility for shipments of contaminated plastic recyclables. Our guest is a Canadian recycler who has some ideas about how we can protect the environment, without diplomatic incidents.