As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

May 22, 2019

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Part One

Alberta Fires Slave Lake
The mayor of Slave Lake, Alberta tells us how his town is welcoming the sudden influx of hundreds of people fleeing an out-of-control wildfire.

McDonald's #MeToo
As the #MeToo movement shifts to the fast-food industry, a former McDonald's employee tells us about the harassment she faced — and the apparent indifference she faced after reporting it. 

Dalek Builder
A replica of a Doctor Who-style Dalek — a creepy, cyborg villain — faces extermination in England, after a complaint about the shed in which it's housed. 

Part Two

Afghanistan Memorial
Family members of Canadian Forces killed in Afghanistan are stunned to learn the government held a ceremony to unveil the Afghanistan war memorial in Ottawa — and didn't invite them. 

Model Train Set
Vandals thoughtlessly destroy a model train show in England — before generous donors, including Rod Stewart, help collectors rebuild. 

Part Three

Somali Colonel Trial
At times, Farhan Warfaa must have felt like justice would never come. But three decades after he was tortured by a high-ranking Somali army colonel, a jury in Virginia has awarded him half-a-million dollars in damages. 

Yo-Yo Champ 
His career is all about highs and lows. And if it didn't have both, constantly, Harrison Lee wouldn't be the three-time Canadian yo-yo champion. Tonight, he'll tell us how he plans to win the upcoming World Championships — without getting too deeply into string theory.