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As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition
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Part One

Supreme Court of Canada Justice mental health | A Canadian Supreme Court Justice makes a rare public statement about his mental health struggles -- shedding light on the darkness that can descend in chambers. 

Hanan Ashrawi | Prominent Palestinian leader Hanan Ashrawi says she's been barred from the U.S.-- and Hanan Ashrawi suspects it's because of her un-flattering opinions of the U.S. President. 

Council knitter | Montreal borough mayor Sue Montgomery is knitting a scarf during council meetings -- that also serves as a record of how long the men talk, compared to the women. 

Part Two 

Alabama abortion | Alabama's restrictive new abortion law isn't just designed to ban the procedure -- it's designed to enable Republicans to challenge Roe v. Wade in the U.S. Supreme Court. 

Skunk whisperer | Gwen Marshall is an Alberta wildlife worker known as the "Skunk Whisperer", who has no problem dealing with the putrid creatures -- because she's immune to the smell of their spray. 

Part Three

Meth First Nation | A Saskatchewan First Nation is experiencing a crisis of crystal meth addiction -- that its health director, Clifford Bird, says started four years ago, when a wildfire evacuation sent residents to cities for their safety. 

Nigeria children freed | Re-integration begins for nearly 900 Nigerian children released from the anti-Boko Haram Civilian Joint Task Force.