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As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

April 17, 2019
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Part One

Alberta Election
The United Conservative Party prepares to take power in Alberta — and one winning candidate says his party will keep its promise to pressure Ottawa over pipelines. 

Columbine Copycat
The FBI warned that an 18-year-old Florida woman fixated on the Columbine massacre was in Colorado — and hours later, she was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. 

Lombard Street Toll
If you drive on San Francisco's steep, extremely crooked Lombard Street, you'll pay a toll — and a resident hopes that will iron out the traffic kinks. 

Part Two

Madagascar Measles
There's a measles outbreak in Madagascar — and a Peace Corps volunteer says the state of the roads makes getting vaccines to villages a serious challenge.

Baby T-Rex Sale
The 68-million-year-old skeleton of an infant T-Rex goes up on eBay — and if that sounds weird and wrong, well, paleontologists agree. 

Part Three

Kafka Vault
A court rules that a cache of writing by Franz Kafka in a bank vault belongs to Israel — after a strange, complicated legal battle that was positively — well, we can't think of an adjective for it. 

Newfoundland Bell Island Ferry 
Double amputee Brian Rees is making waves after opposing ferry rules that say he needs to exit his car during the ride — something he says is too painful for him to do.