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As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

April 10, 2019
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Part One

Asylum changes
The Trudeau government wants to change Canada's asylum laws, but a refugee lawyer tells us those changes won't change anything — and are probably unconstitutional. 

Black holes
The world issues a collective gasp, after a massive team of international scientists produces the first-ever image of a super-massive black hole. 

Part Two

Israel election
Despite corruption charges, Benjamin Netanyahu pulls off yet another victory in Israel — but to form a government, he'll probably have to take his country even further to the right. 

Lucky Lee's
When a new Chinese restaurant in New York offers food that won't make you feel, quote, "bloated and icky," it turns out the place's non-Chinese chef has cooked up the wrong kind of storm.

Part Three

Hong Kong convictions
Nine organizers of Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement are convicted of "inciting a public nuisance" — a colonial-era charge. And rather than express remorse, they express renewed belief in the movement's efforts to bring democracy to their territory. 

Albania heist
In less than five minutes at an airport in Albania, a group of brazen robbers became millions of dollars richer — by holding up an Austrian Airlines passenger plane that was getting ready to take off from Tirana airport.