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As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

April 3, 2019

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Part One

Brunei gay law
In Brunei today, gay sex became a crime punishable by stoning until death — which has a Bruneian refugee seeker in Canada telling his friends that their love would be safer unexpressed.

Border death report
An autopsy shows how a 7-year-old Guatemalan girl died while in U.S. custody — and our guest says Border Protection staff should have seen the signs. 

Puppy yoga
Krystie-Anne Haufler of Toronto tries to attend a "puppy yoga" class — in which downward dogs are accompanied by actual dogs — only to get barked at by the humans. 

Part Two

Algeria president out
Algeria's longtime president steps down, in response to weeks of protests — and now, demonstrators have their sights set on the rest of the country's establishment. 

Cat Lake consultant
An Ontario chief warns about "unscrupulous" exploitation, after a First Nation agrees to pay a million to a consultant who helped them get federal housing money.

Part Three

Affordable Ottawa housing
They were evicted from a place called "Heron Gate Village" in Ottawa. And now, those former residents have filed a human rights complaint against the housing developers. They are citing what they call "hyper-gentrification". 

Joan Jones obit
Joan Jones wasn't as famous as her former husband Rocky in the fight for black civil rights in Nova Scotia. But behind the scenes, she was one of the most important figures in black community activism on the East Coast.

E.U. Brexit
A Member of European Parliament tells us that the EU has given the U.K. every opportunity to leave the union on its own terms. Now, it's still not out — but it's definitely out of luck.