As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

March 27, 2019

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Part One

Boyle trial
She survived five years as a hostage in Afghanistan with Joshua Boyle — and now Caitlin Coleman is sharing disturbing testimony about her husband at his criminal trial. 

Yemen hospital bombing
After eight people are killed at a rural hospital in Yemen, the NGO Save the Children raises serious concerns about how people there will get life-saving health care. 

Cheese wall
Canadian artist Cosimo Cavallaro is building his own wall on the border between the U.S. and Mexico: a wall of old cheese, which he believes will send a strong, or at least strong-smelling, message. 

Part Two

Sexsomnia appeal
Bekah D'Aoust felt some relief, when the man who sexually assaulted her was sentenced — but now, he's appealed yet again, still claiming it was a case of "sexsomnia". 

Turing award winner
Canadian researcher Geoffrey Hinton wins the biggest award in computing for his pioneering work in training machines to think more like people do. 

Part Three

Halifax carding
A new independent report reveals that black people in Halifax are six times more likely to be stopped on the street by police than white people. Which doesn't just confirm racial bias in policing there. It shows that the bias is worse than previously reported. 

Snowden refugee
After years of living in limbo in Hong Kong, Vanessa Rodel and her daughter — two of the so-called "Snowden's Angels" — have arrived in Montreal.