As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

March 20, 2019



Cyclone Idai Hotel
A tiny hotel in Zimbabwe opens its doors to hundreds of desperate survivors who fled Cyclone Idai -- the deadly storm that swept away their homes.

Beyak Senate Ethics
The Senate ethics officer has ruled that Senator Lynn Beyak broke the chamber's code of conduct by posting racist letters about Indigenous people on her website — but Senator Beyak is refusing to accept his sanctions against her. We speak to Frances Lankin, one of the Senators who filed the complaints.

Beto Crop Circle
A Kansas artist plows a plot into massive a dirt and gravel portrait of aspiring Democratic presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke.


Nan Goldin
London's National Portrait Gallery becomes the first major museum to refuse a donation from the family behind the makers of OxyContin, and photographer Nan Goldin urges other galleries to follow. 

Huge Meteor
A Canadian researcher has detected the third largest fireball/meteor to reach the earth's atmosphere and assures us we're gonna be ok.


Budget Folo
Former parliamentary budget officer Kevin Page says 150 new spending measures in the federal budget sure looks like a great grab bag -- but it doesn't include a rainy day fund for a potential downturn.