As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2019


Part One

Last Days of ISIS
ISIS is now clinging to one small patch of land in Syria — but our guest warns that the terror group will persist in the region, even after a military defeat. 

Haiti couple separated
Because of passport problems, a Canadian woman is stuck in Port-au-Prince with her 5-year-old, while her partner has flown out of the country with their daughter. 

California dam worries
Scientists say that, without urgently needed repairs, a major dam in Los Angeles will fail in extreme weather — and that a so-called "megastorm" may well hit California in the next few decades. 

Part Two

Priest kids guidelines
The Vatican admits that it has a document on what to do when priests and nuns break their celibacy vows — to the relief of some children of Catholic clergy. 

Forest acoustics study
In New York state, a growing population of hungry deer is devouring the underbrush — and new research shows that's changing the way sound travels through forests. 

Part Three

Crude by rail critic
An oil and gas analyst slams Alberta Premier Rachel Notley's plan to spend billions leasing rail cars to get her province's crude to market.

Ivory Queen
A Chinese businesswoman operated one of Africa's biggest ivory-smuggling rings. That earned her the title "the Ivory Queen". Today, it also earned her a conviction, and 15 years in prison — to the relief of groups dedicated to protecting elephants.