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New kids' TV series features 'As It Flappens' radio show with plucky chicken host

A chirp off the old flock. A radio show called As it Flappens — hosted by an intrepid reporter chicken named Chickelyna — will soon be taking to air as part of a children's TV series.

The show, called Miikshi the Meek Sheep, takes some inspiration from CBC Radio

As It Happens host Carol Off, left, was the inspiration behind the character Chickelyna, an intrepid chicken reporter and host of the program As It Flappens. (Sinisa Jolic/CBC Radio, Gazelle Automations )

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Fans of CBC Radio might find the fiery feathered journalist from an upcoming children's TV series a little bit familiar.

Miikshi the Meek Sheep, created by Toronto husband and wife duo Justin and Lindsay Lee, features a chicken named Chickelyna who hosts a radio program called As It Flappens.

"It is not a coincidence," Lindsay told As It Happens host Carol Off. "I happen to be a huge fan of As It Happens."

The series follows the adventures of Miikshi "a brilliant, but shy sheep scientist" and her best friend Chickelyna, Justin said.

A clip from the show posted online features Chickelyna doing an interview in the As It Flappens studio, complete with music inspired by the real CBC program's theme song.

Watch a clip of Chickelyna from Miikshi the Meek Sheep:

Chickelyna hosts As It Flappens on MPBC.

As It Happens

2 years ago
Lindsay and Justin Lee created the new children's TV show Miikshi the Meek Sheep, which features an As It Happens parody. 0:41

The unflappable radio host was inspired in part by Off, and in part by a toy duck from Lindsay's childhood. 

"She's quite an interesting character because she's quite loud and abrasive and bratty, but she's also very, very good at her job," Lindsay said. "She's a good journalist."

No 'fowl language'

Much like its namesake, As It Flappens is a "flagship radio show" that airs five nights a week on a station called MPBC.

"Miikshi listens to the show dutifully as a good best friend would every day," Justin said.

Justin and Lindsay Lee pose with the puppet stars of Miikshi the Meek Sheep. (Submitted by Justin and Lindsay Lee)

Melanie Leblanc, who voices Chickelyna in some scenes, remained in character while speaking to Off about the show.

"I know you guys are real journalists. You don't allow guests to duck any questions. You don't allow fowl language. If that sort of thing happens on the radio, it could be your swan song," she said. 

"I'm just egging you on now."

A sheep, a bird and a pizza place

The Lees have self-produced five episodes of Miikshi the Meek Sheep — all of them shot in the back of a pizza restaurant in Whitby, Ont.

They're still shopping series around to TV stations, but have released the first episode on YouTube.

It centres around Chickelyna trying to convince the ever-so-shy Miikshi to come on As It Flappens and talk about how she became the first scientist to send a potato into orbit around the Earth. 

In a shocking twist, the potato loses orbit and ends up on a collision course with the radio station — and only Miikshi can stop it and save her friend. 

"The entire time we were filming there were pizzas being made at the front, you know, delivery people walking through — while this potato was hurtling towards the city," Lindsay said.

Written by Sheena Goodyear. Produced by Kevin Ball. 


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