As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Jan. 23, 2019

Episode transcript

Part One

Venezuela protest
Before thousands of supportive demonstrators, Venezuela's top opposition leader swears himself in as the country's new president -- while the sitting president swears it's an attempted coup. 

Gender-neutral French
In English, there's at least a "they-them" pronoun. In French, it's not so simple: putting a gender on nouns and adjectives is part of the DNA of the French language -- and it's making life difficult for French-speaking non-binary people. 

As it Flappens creators
The newsreader on a new children's show is a poised poultry puppet named "Chickelyna" — host of a segment with a strangely familiar title: As It Flappens

Part Two

China: former U.S. ambassador to Canada
Canada's Ambassador to China says a Huawei executive might just avoid extradition to the U.S. -- but a former U.S. Ambassador to Ottawa says we can't predict what the President will do. 

Troll museum
Three years after the sad closure of the troll-doll museum in her apartment, a New York woman's brightly-coiffed subjects are given another chance to let their hair up in public. 

Part Three

C.M.A.J. palliative care doctor
In an essay for a medical journal, a Canadian palliative care doctor reflects on her complicated feelings about how she treated a patient who eventually took his own life. 

Egret painting
Cindi Decker's painting of a bird got a lot of online attention. And then the tributes began. And continued. And while they're not necessarily better, they're definitely meta.