As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Jan. 16, 2018
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Part One

U.S. Shutdown Worker
Thousands of U.S. tax employees are heading back to the office as the government shutdown continues — but without pay themselves, some are resorting to desperate measures to pay the bills.

Netflix Lac Megantic
Netflix has a huge hit with its recent horror movie, "Bird Box", but it's taking a hit for some of the footage in that film -- footage of the real-life train disaster in Lac-Megantic.

Maine Ice Disc
A massive revolving ice disc in a river in Maine has captivated observers around the globe — with some floating the idea it was created by aliens.
Part Two

Syria: ISIS Attack
ISIS claims it's behind a bomb that killed several American soldiers in Syria, less than a month after President Trump declared its forces were defeated there — and our guest says the timing is no coincidence.

"Stop Brexit" Guy
As British Prime Minister Theresa May survives a vote of non-confidence, the chorus of citizens who want the E.U.-exit plan axed altogether has only grown louder. One citizen in particular. 

Part Three

Burnaby By-Election
NDP leader Jagmeet Sing is breathing a little easier tonight. Because this morning, his Liberal rival in the Burnaby by-election was forced to resign — after it emerged that she'd been using Chinese social media app WeChat to tout her ethnic bonafides to voters.

Moon Plant
China has become the first country to grow a plant on the moon. Which filled most scientists with awe and wonder — but filled our guest with envy, since he'd spent over two decades trying to achieve the feat.

Lonely Frog 
Romeo the frog may finally have found his Juliet — and scientists hope their first encounter will prove everything it's croaked up to be.