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As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Jan. 2, 2019
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Part One

Netflix Minhaj: Human Rights Watch
After the streaming service pulls a comedy show that criticized Mohammed bin Salman from Saudi Arabia, critics say it succumbed to pressure from the country's repressive regime. 

Donation bin ban
After yet another person dies after getting trapped in a clothing donation bin in Vancouver, a local homeless shelter calls for the bins to be recalled, until they're re-designed. 

Encore: "Super Dave" Bob Einstein (obit)
Bob Einstein — best known for roles like inept stunt-man 'Super Dave' Osborne, and Marty Funkhauser on the TV comedy 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' — has died at the age of 76.

Part Two

Bolsonaro: Indigenous
On his first full day in office, Brazil's new president gives control over Indigenous land claims to the ministry of agriculture — after promising to open protected areas to commercial activity. 

Nazi painting
In the 1940's, the Nazis stole a Dutch still life painting from the Uffizi museum in Florence. The Uffizi wants it back. And it's not asking politely: this week, tourists visiting the gallery can see a black-and-white copy of that painting — with the word "STOLEN" written all over it. 

Part Three

Encore: The As it Happened Archives - The Forgiven Edition
An encore presentation of our archival program, "As It Happened" — in which we revisit stories of inspiring, and nearly inconceivable, absolution.