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As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Dec. 12, 2018
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Episode transcript

Part One

China: Kevin Garratt
Canadian Kevin Garratt, who was held in China for two years, says this week's arrest of a former Canadian diplomat is a shocking reminder of what he endured as a political pawn.

Taverner letter
Ontario's interim police commissioner files a scathing complaint to the province's ombudsman — claiming 'potential political interference' by Premier Ford, in tapping his family friend to head the O.P.P.

Insect pee
Georgia Tech researcher Saad Bhamla has spent a surprising amount of time watching one tiny insect pee with remarkable force -- and tonight he'll tell us how it rains supreme. 

Part Two

Norman Hardie accuser
Ontario liquor stores are once again stocking wines from Norman Hardie -- just months after Heather Bruce came forward with allegations that he'd subjected her to unwanted sexual contact. 

From our archives: Helen Clayben obit
Remembering Helen Klaben, who survived a plane crash in the Yukon in 1963 -- and the 50 days after that, trapped in the mountains with the pilot. 

Part Three

Puma 'computer' shoe designer
In the '80s, Peter Cavanagh's "Computer Shoe" was as fancy as footwear got. Unfortunately, it didn't sell. Now, Puma is making a brand-new, high-tech, limited-edition version of Mr. Cavanagh's foot-brainchild again -- and it feels like vindication. 

Derek Muir awarded
In the '80s, he proved pollution was traveling thousands of kilometres to contaminate the Arctic -- and three decades later, scientist Derek Muir has been honoured with a lifetime achievement award.