As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Dec. 5, 2018
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Part One

Flynn sentencing
U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller says Michael Flynn has given "substantial assistance" to his investigation — and our guest says that means there's substantially more to come. 

Quebec ethics complaint
In the four months since her son was shot dead by a Quebec police officer, our guest has received no clear answers about why — so she's taking action. 

Clark Griswold dummy
A Texas man put up a display paying tribute to "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" — not realizing concerned citizens would think the dummy hanging from the edge of his roof was an actual person in danger. 

Listener response: Canadians share their grisly stories of getting their tongues stuck to frozen stuff
Across Canada, children have been licking metal poles and other frozen objects for decades — long before the holiday classic A Christmas Story.

Part Two

Literary Prize Amazon
Amazon jumps off-board as a sponsor of a prestigious Quebecois literary award — after every finalist for the prize spoke out against the corporation's involvement. 

Cave painting missing fingers study
The hands in cave paintings are often missing fingers — and Canadian researchers now believe that's because Stone Age people had a thing for ritual amputations. 

Part Three

Manitoba consent
A Winnipeg woman is praising the Manitoba government for introducing a law that will make it easier for doctors to inform family members their loved ones might be at risk. A law she believes might have helped her late son. 

Newfoundland beard bounty 
Newfoundland musician Chris Andrews has had his impressive facial hair for the bushier part of his adult life. Now, he's putting a bounty on his bountiful beard — and shaving it off to raise money for a local family in need.