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As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Nov. 28, 2018

Episode transcript

Part One

Gene editing controversy
A Chinese scientist says he's proud to have created genetically-engineered twins — but a doctor who questioned him at a conference today says he questions the whole process. 

Harry Leslie Smith obit
Author and anti-poverty activist Harry Leslie Smith dies at 95 — and his son reflects on the legacy he plans to carry on. 

Part Two

Church service refugees
For more than a month now, one church in the Netherlands has been holding a non-stop service to protect a family of refugees — because Dutch law prohibits police from entering while prayers are underway. 

Huge steer
Technically, "Knickers" is an Australian steer, but he is  massive. So much so that it hasn't just made him an international celebrity — it's also saved him from slaughter. 

Part Three

Drowning lawsuit
It took 38 minutes for anyone to notice that 14-year-old Blessing Moukoko had drowned. Now, his mother says she's suing the school board — and the city of Montreal. 

Chau body retrieval
India has halted efforts to retrieve the body of American John Allen Chau, who was killed on an isolated island — a decision welcomed by advocates for tribal peoples.

Toronto medical student
Adam Shehata said it was a "special" experience to start his pediatrics rotation at the hospital where he was nursed back to health after premature birth.