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As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Nov. 14, 2018
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Episode transcript

Part One

Brexit latest
British Prime Minister Theresa May's draft EU divorce deal gets cabinet approval — but one pro-Brexit MP says all the concessions to the EU give him a splitting headache. 

Delivery worker wins ruling
After lodging a complaint about making less than minimum wage, an Ontario delivery driver wins his case — and he's hoping that decision starts a Dominos effect. 

AIH50: Iceland President pizza follow-up
A year after his public dismissal of pineapple on pizza created an international incident, Iceland's president explains why he got so crusty. 

Part Two

California wildfires: search
Sol Bechtold is searching shelters and circulating flyers in northern California, desperately hoping to find his 75-year-old mother. 

'Flower Pot' couple
They thought the name of their business was straightforward — but since legalization, a Montreal couple has been inundated with calls from people confused about why their store's called "The Flower Pot". 

Part Three

McGill Redmen: alum
McGill alumnus Michael Nelson is urging the university not to change the name of its teams from the "Redmen" — because he doesn't think it's racist. 

Rohingya repatriation
A list has been assembled of Rohingya refugees living in camps in Bangladesh, who are to be sent back to Myanmar. They had fled what a UN fact-finding mission has called a genocide. And many are not ready to return. 

Kenyan runner
Marko Cheseto comes within striking distance of setting a new world record in the New York Marathon. It was his first-ever marathon in competition. And his first big race since losing his feet to frostbite.