As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Episode transcript

Part One

Pakistan acquittal
After Pakistan's top court overturns a woman's blasphemy conviction, we talk to the son of a man who was murdered for defending her rights. 

Globe reporter quits
Globe and Mail reporter Sunny Dhillon quits after what he says was a dispute over a story involving race — which made him question his place there as a journalist of colour. 

Tiny books
A US publisher starts putting out novels in tiny new format that she hopes might bring the industry back to life. 

Part Two

Kepler retires
A NASA scientist bids a fond farewell to Kepler, the space telescope he's worked alongside for years, discovering planet after planet flickering in the starlight. 

Skeleton display
A Florida neighbourhood gets to know their new neighbours thanks to the ever-changing skeleton display on their lawn.

Part Three

Mueller accusations
A journalist in Florida gets a mysterious e-mail which puts him on the frontlines of his country's battle over both fake news and Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe. 

Giant statue
India puts up the world's largest statue but a former Canadian Premier says the man the thing is supposed to be honouring would be hanging his head in dismay. 

Chinese students
A reciprocal program between the labour studies faculties at Cornell and a Chinese University has been scrapped — after reports that the Chinese university has been harassing and intimidating students leading a campaign for workers' rights.