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As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2018
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Part One

Basic Income
The new Ontario government announces it's cancelling a provincial basic income pilot project — and the abrupt swing leaves our guest wondering how his family will make ends meet. 

North Korea Remains
North Korea has returned the remains of dozens of Americans killed in the Korean War — and Marian Meyer is waiting anxiously to see whether her long-lost brother is among them. 

Tommy Chong
Vancouver and Toronto now have Seth Rogen to make its transit announcements, but hundreds of people in Edmonton want Canadian comedy legend Tommy Chong — and as you'll hear, he'll pull out all the stops. 

Part Two

Zimbabwe Election
The longer the wait, the shorter the fuse. With the presidential result still up in the air in Zimbabwe, protesters in Harare take to the streets, facing off against soldiers with tear gas and live fire. 

McDonald's Drink 
A pregnant woman in Alberta says she can't forget the taste, or the smell — after she orders a coffee at McDonald's, and gets a cupful of cleaning solution instead.