As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

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Part One

Environment Minister
The federal Environment Minister comes out of her first meeting with Ontario's new government and tells us she's disappointed and accusing them of having no plan to fight climate change.

Texas Remains Found
In Texas, archeologists recover the remains of dozens of African-American prisoners who had been forced into labour on plantations after slavery was abolished — doing work that left their skeletons scarred to this day.

Wild Boars
 A wild boar expert offers some advice to the residents of a Whitehorse subdivision that's being terrorized by six bacon-sided escapees from a nearby farm.

Part Two

Serial Stowaway
A Chicago woman is known as the "Serial Stowaway" because she sneaks onto airplanes. Now, a journalist who knows her warns that, without help, she's likely to re-offend. 

Starbucks Straws 
A disability activist warns that while its all well and good for governments and coffee chains to cut down plastic garbage, banning plastic straws might harm some people's lives.