As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, Mar. 7, 2018

Episode transcript

Part One

Nerve Agent
Investigators say it was a nerve agent that left a former Russian spy clinging to life in a British hospital — and tonight, an expert tells us how such poisons are administered, and who might be responsible.

Easter Bunny: CAS
An Edmonton couple gets some vindication, after a court rules the Children's Aid Society was wrong to take their foster children away because of a dispute about the Easter Bunny. 

Frankenstein Headline
In a timely diatribe, the British tabloid newspaper gets out the torches for what it calls "snowflake" students — because of their sympathetic view toward ... Frankenstein's monster. 

Part Two

Tariffs: Bruce Heyman
Omission accomplished? Well, not yet — but days after U.S. President Donald Trump suggested every country would be subject to his new tariffs, his Press Secretary suggests Canada and Mexico might qualify for exemptions. 

Trans Am Totem
After several years, the city of Vancouver is driven to sell off a work of art sitting next to an overpass: an 11-tonne sculpture consisting of a stack of old cars. 

Part Three

Pancreatic Cancer Study
The discovery of a gene mutation in French Canadians by doctors at McGill University Health centre offers new hope in the way they approach treatment of pancreatic cancer. 

Hamilton Vandalism Update
After vandals do serious business to his business, a Hamilton, Ontario donut maker re-opens with a new flavour — complete with "candied glass shards".