As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2018

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Part One

Budget: Prison Farms
Jeff Peters fought back when the Harper government closed Canada's prison farms, so he's over the moon that the Liberals are re-opening them — and he'll supply some of the cattle. 

Slovak Journalist
Three days after a Slovak journalist was murdered, his final story was published, setting off a corruption scandal — and tonight, we'll speak with the Canadian journalist who helped bring the story to light. 

Plastic Free Aisle
With garbage turning the world into a landfill, a Dutch supermarket chain introduces an aisle that's completely free of plastic — so humanity won't dump to its conclusion. 

Part Two

Quebec Town Water
When a tiny Quebec village passed a bylaw protecting its private wells from the effects of drilling by an oil company, the company sued for a million bucks — today, the village won. 

Pizza Pop Inventor Obit
Remembering the inventor of the Pizza Pop which turned the unwieldy pie into a handheld dough envelope, and turned the toppings into inside-ings.

Part Three

Trudeau India
Prime Minister Trudeau continues to insist that his visit to India was sabotaged by "rogue elements" in the Indian government. The former High Commissioner of India to Canada tells us that theory is pure fantasy. 

Retracted Researcher
Whenever a renowned researcher published a new study, the media and the public ate it up with relish. But now we've all got a scorching case of heartburn — after a Buzzfeed investigation leads to the retraction of yet another of his papers.