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As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2018

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Part One

Police Complaint
When a Toronto police officer comes forward to complain that a colleague had sent her sexually explicit photos, her superiors took action — they docked her pay. 

Assisted Death Referrals
Judges agree it might violate some physicians' religious rights — but an Ontario court has still upheld a policy requiring them to at least give a referral to patients asking for an abortion, or help in dying. 

Father Obituary
In life, he cracked the Whip. Lots and lots of it. Which is why Miracle Whip features so prominently in the surprisingly hilarious obituary for the late Terry Ward, written by his daughter — who also managed to work in electrical tape and ABBA. 

Part Two

Puerto Rico Mayor
FEMA says it won't fully pull out of Puerto Rico after all — but the mayor of San Juan says the scale of the disaster in the U.S. territory's demands the agency not scale back. 

Bruce McArthur Follow
In loving memory of a forgotten man. Before this week, when Bruce McArthur was charged with his murder, Dean Lisowick's disappearance hadn't even been officially recorded — but our guest remembers him well. 

Part Three

They don't just mind the gap. They want to close it. Weeks after BBC China Editor Carrie Gracie quit her post over what she says is pay inequality at the broadcaster, she addresses British MPs about the problem. And our guest, who left her BBC job partly over that issue, was watching closely. 

Toe Nail Clippings
For scientific purposes, residents of Atlantic Canada have been getting snippy — and now, researchers there hope they can find some medical answers in their collection of tens of thousands of toenail clippings.