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As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2018
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Episode transcript

Part One

Larry Nassar Sentencing
For years, he was free to abuse patients who trusted him. But Larry Nassar won't be ever be free again — today, the former doctor for the U.S. Olympic gymnastics team was sentenced to a minimum of 40 years in prison.
Councillor Assault
A local councillor in a small Alberta town says she was assaulted at home by a man who told her to leave town, and keep quiet.

Cat Custody
She's lost that lovin' feline. Not completely, mind you — but because a Chicago woman let her cat outside, the rescue agency she adopted Reggie from took him back, and now there's a custody battle.

Part Two

Save The Children Attack
The humanitarian group Save The Children suspends its work in Afghanistan, after ISIS attacks its offices in Jalalabad — killing three members of the staff. 

Ursula K. Le Guin Obit 
The late Ursula K. Le Guin reinvented sci-fi and fantasy fiction, by infusing it with artistry, complexity, and a feminist sensibility — and in doing so, inspired her readers and fellow writers to think differently.

Part Three

Wolf Journey
The beginning is Naya — and the end isn't nigh. Naya's the name of a wolf who's just shown up in Belgium — and our guest says her arrival there signals that wolves are reclaiming some of the habitat they'd lost. 

Net Neutrality
The Trump Administration's may have decided to ditch net neutrality, but some legislators won't abide by that decision. Including our guest — a New York lawmaker who's working to convince companies to keep the Internet flowing equally. 

Haiti Deportation 
Jean Montrevil immigrated to the United States as a teenager in the 1980s. Now, this week he was deported to Haiti for something he did 30 years ago, even though since then he's turned his life around.