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As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2018
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Part One

Hassan Diab
After a harrowing three years imprisoned in France without trial, Hassan Diab is back with his family in Ottawa — and warning about the flaws in Canada's extradition laws. 

Trump Test Doctor
A Montreal neurologist says news that U.S. President Donald Trump passed a mental fitness test is no indication of his fitness for office — and he should know, since he designed that test. 

"Chips" The Dog
During the Second World War, John Wren's dog was sent to join the U.S. Army — and tonight, Wren describes the moment when Chips came out of nowhere to save his platoon — and earn a posthumous medal. 

Part Two

Ex-CIA Arrest
As informant after informant was detained or killed in China, U.S. intelligence officials suspected someone was giving them up — and now, a former CIA agent, and suspected double agent, has been arrested. 

Refugee Soap Factory
Syrian refugee Abdul Sabouni's deep knowledge of soap is a family tradition — his last name means "soap maker" — and now, with a shop in Calgary, he hopes to clean up. 

Part Three

Chile Pope
Our guest was abused by a priest as a child in Chile — and despite Pope Francis's apology, he says more needs to be done before he'll forgive. 

White Noise Copyright
In 2015, an Australian professor posted a 10 hour video of white noise on YouTube. Now, he's been hit with five copyright infringement claims — which would indicate that the sound isn't as soothing as he'd hoped.