As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2017

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Part One

Jerusalem Announcement
Donald Trump called it "very fresh thinking". It's not: more than one president has proposed naming Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in the past — it's just that the current one has brashly gone ahead and done it. 

Borutski Sentence
With today's life sentence for three horrifying murders, Basil Borutski will never again set foot outside a prison — and tonight, a friend remembers one of his victims: Nathalie Warmerdam. 

Part Two

California Fire
The California wildfires are expanding with tremendous speed, and destroying enormous areas — and tonight, one woman tells us what it's like to leave your home, and return to find it utterly destroyed. 

Plus Sized Marathoner
An endurance runner, and what she's endured. Latoya Snell's athletic accomplishments are phenomenal — but instead of being cheered at the New York City marathon, the plus-sized runner was heckled.

Part Three

Halifax Explosion
A reverberating blast — and a slow burn. On the 100th anniversary of the Halifax explosion, a black actor says a museum exhibit continues to virtually ignore the experiences of African Nova Scotians. 

Brexit Critic
When it comes to Brexit negotiations, the UK government seems to barely be going through the motions — and tonight, a Labour MP weighs on the the latest developments, or lack thereof. 

Shashi Kapoor Obit
He rose to stardom with boyish good looks and an entrancing smile. But the late Shashi Kapoor was much more than just a pretty face. And as our guest explains, over time, the Indian actor's particular combination of talent and charisma made him famous far beyond Bollywood.