As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, Nov. 22, 2017

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Part One

Mladic Verdict
Ratko Mladic is finally sent to prison for his genocidal bid to build a greater Serbia; we'll speak with two survivors of his violent crimes who say the damage continues today.

Uber Breach
Uber reveals that it was hacked, that the data of 57 million users was breached, and that it paid the hackers 100,000 dollars in ransom money — oh, and that this all happened about a year ago. 

Part Two

North Korean Defector
A young North Korea soldier recovers in hospital after a daring defection from his country — during which he was shot multiple times before being recovered by South Korean troops. 

Iron Lung
It's more than 50 years old, prone to break down, and finding someone to repair it is well-nigh impossible — but polio survivor Paul Alexander won't give up his antiquated Iron Lung. 

Part Three

Yukon Alcohol Labels
A public health researcher spent the past weekend labelling bottles of booze in Yukon. It's part of a project she believes is a world first — to alert drinkers to the connection between alcohol and cancer. 

Kirpan Update
Today Quebec's National Assembly tabled a motion asking Transport Canada to reverse its decision to allow knives or kirpans under 6 cm on flights.