As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2017
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Part One

California fires follow-up 
A Northern California family returns home to find their house and neighbourhood destroyed by the wildfires — but as Brad Sherwood tells us tonight, there is a glimmer of hope amid the destruction. 

Toronto District School Board: no chiefs
Toronto's public school board says it's removing the word 'chief' from all job titles, out of respect for Canada's Indigenous people. 

Weinstein: lawyer
New York police had a damning recording of Harvey Weinstein admitting he'd groped a woman, but no charges were laid — and former Manhattan prosecutor Matthew Galluzzo says that was the wrong call. 

Part Two

Sears liquidation
Sears Canada announces it will shut down its remaining stores — and for those who operate independently-owned Sears outlets, that means an uncertain future. 

Seal met chef
Thousands of people have signed a petition demanding a Toronto restaurant to take seal meat off its menu. Joseph Shawana, the Indigenous chef who put it on the menu responds. 

Part Three

California fires rescue centre
Despite all the smoke and suffering from asthma, Monica Hardeman is going back to her California property. She says she had to — because she has to take care of the animals at her rescue centre. 

Mystery hole
A hole allegedly bigger than New Brunswick has opened up in Antarctica's sea ice. And so far, scientists don't know why it's there.