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As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

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Part One

Pacific walrus
The Trump Administration says Pacific walruses aren't threatened anymore, because they've adapted to dwindling sea ice in the north — but our guest says that decision will push the species closer to extinction. 

Sexual assault play
An Ontario theatre company has a new play, which shows how sexual assault can be prevented — by getting the audience to prevent it.

Tower babies
For years, ten giant babies have been stuck on a TV tower in Prague — and tonight, the sculptor who created them explains the process of taking down his infancy-ful installation, for an overdue cleaning. 

Part Two

Las Vegas: survivor
A Las Vegas resident wounded in the leg during the massacre begins the slow recovery from her injuries — determined to return to her life as a runner. 

Font creator 
This past weekend, the Papyrus font came in for comic criticism on Saturday Night Live — and tonight, the font's creator explains why he feels it's just misunderstood. 

Part Three

Status of Women committee
A new Conservative MP is tapped to head up the Status of Women committee — despite the fact that she didn't ask for the job, and isn't exactly jumping at the chance to do it. 

World Trade Center birds
Every year, it lights up the New York sky as a way to remember the victims of the 9/11 attacks. Tonight, an ornithologist tells us why he has been studying the art installation Tribute in Light, and the results of his new study.   

Cameroon protests
Few people are on the streets in Cameroon's English-speaking regions after 17 people were killed over the weekend in protests in support of independence.