As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2017

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Part One

Mexico earthquake follow-up
Much of Central Mexico is rubble after yesterday's powerful earthquake; I'll speak with a resident of Mexico City who's been providing help among the ruins. 

Jake "Raging Bull" LaMotta obit
As "Raging Bull" showed, the late boxing champ Jake LaMotta lived a life of violence in and out of the ring — and tonight, a friend remembers a man who was almost impossible to put down for the count. 

Tony Gabriel Grey Cup catch re-enactment
When legendary CFL receiver Tony Gabriel tries to re-enact his famous Grey Cup-winning catch for an ad, he kind of regrets being cast — because he winds up in a cast. 

Part Two

Hurricane Maria: Puerto Rico
It didn't get the brunt of Hurricane Irma, but today, Puerto Rico suffered the full force of Maria — and San Juan resident Juan Carlos Rodriguez who rode out the storm tells us what he's seeing. 

Porpoise grave
It's odd to find a porpoise on land, and odder still to find one buried in it since the 14th century — and now archaeologist Philip de Jersey, one of the researchers who made the surprising find, is trying to unravel the plot. 

Part Three

Former Myanmar army general on Rohingya crisis
Myanmar's former information minister tells us there's no ethnic cleansing of Rohinygya Muslims going on in his country. And we'd see the truth for ourselves if we visited Rakhine state — which, at the moment, no one is actually allowed to do.

Stolen Bieber painting
First, artist Viktor Mitic made a painting of Justin Bieber. Then he shot it multiple times. Then someone stole it. And then that someone contacted the artist. You may feel like now you know everything you need to know about that story, but surprisingly, there's more.