As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, Aug. 23, 2017

Episode transcript

Part One

Quebec storm
A storm arrives by surprise in Lachute, Quebec, bringing with it a tornado. And our guest's quiet afternoon taking care of her grandkids ends with her neighbour's roof in her pool. 

Sir John A. Macdonald schools
John A. Macdonald was an architect of Canada, but he was also an architect of Canada's residential schools — which is why Ontario's elementary teachers' union push to rename schools named for our first PM. 

Carl's Jr. ex-manager
He didn't just serve chicken fingers — he has them. Surveillance video shows the owner of a fast-food joint in Alberta mishandling raw chicken, over-relying on the five-second rule — and submerging his bare arms in barbecue sauce.

Part Two

Kim Wall obit
Swedish freelance journalist Kim Wall was in the middle of a remarkable career; now, weeks after she disappeared, police in Denmark have confirmed the body they found in the water is hers. 

Missile shield MP 
A Liberal MP tells us why he believes it might be time to reverse the 2005 decision made by then-Liberal PM Paul Martin — and join a U.S. ballistic missile defence shield.

India divorce ruling
Muslim men in India could instantly divorce their wives just by saying "talaq" to them three times — until this week, when the country's Supreme Court said, "a thousand times no."