As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

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Part 1

Cache Creek Return

Comeback from away. After the wildfires forced him to flee his home in Cache Creek, BC, Dave Johnson is allowed to return home -- but he's not settling in just yet. 

Glacier Bodies 

Out of thin ice. Seventy-five years after a couple disappeared in Switzerland, their bodies have been discovered -- emerging, preserved, from a glacier at a ski resort. 


Science, not séance. Before his father's death, our guest recorded hours of conversation with him -- and now, he's fed all that information into a computer to create an interactive "Dadbot". 

Part 2 

Frances Gabe

​A new room swept clean. In fact, the late Frances Gabe's invention, a self-cleaning house, was going to eliminate endless housework -- but the problem was that no one really wanted her solution. 

French Foam Balls 

Shore leavings. If you're feeling buoyant about your trip to a beach in northern France, you should know other buoyant things have washed up there -- and tonight, we'll find out where those thousands of yellow blobs came from.