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As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

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Part One

Khadr: Clement
The Liberal government will apologize to Omar Khadr, and pay him more than ten million dollars — and former Conservative cabinet minister Tony Clement tells us that's "morally repugnant". 

Trailer hitch death
In January, an Indigenous woman was hit in the stomach by a trailer hitch thrown from a passing car. Yesterday, she died. And tonight, her cousin tells us she never stopped thinking of others before herself. 

Carlo's ponytail
His customers are fit to be tied — but he no longer is. For a very long time, a Regina deli owner's hair was business in front, party in the back. But now, he's all business — and he'll explain why he finally reached the cut-off point. 

Part Two

Silicon Valley case
A Silicon Valley CEO apologizes online for sexually harassing women — and then another female entrepreneur comes forward, alleging that he wasn't so contrite when he assaulted her. 

Qatar latest
A coalition led by Saudi Arabia says one of the conditions for lifting sanctions on Qatar is for the country to shut down Al Jazeera — but today, Qatar said it won't submit to that kind of remote control. 

Ryerson name fight 
A group of Indigenous students says their school is named for one of the architects of Canada's residential schools — so they want Ryerson University to stop being Ryerson University.