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'They were, like, wet': Meet the student selling Justin Bieber's right Yeezy for over $5K

A German university student named Laura is getting flooded with messages from Justin Bieber fans after she caught the singer's right shoe at a music festival and decided not to keep it.
Justin Bieber's right Yeezy could fetch more than $7,000 Cdn on Ebay. (laursc-8/Ebay)

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A German university student is taking flack from Justin Bieber fans after she got ahold of the singer's right Yeezy sneaker and chose not to keep it.

Laura, who asked As It Happens not to use her last name, is selling the shoe on Ebay for a starting price of 5,000 Euros, or about $7,000 Cdn.  She says she plans to donate a chunk of what she makes to a local charity.

"There are a lot of girls, like, who don't really get the idea and are really sending me messages: How could I sell the shoe and I'm not a real Belieber if I'm selling it and all that stuff," she told As It Happens guest host Laura Lynch.

Yeezys are a coveted brand of Adidas sneakers made in collaboration with rapper Kanye West.

Laura got the Bieber Yeezy at a music festival in Germany, at which Bieber was one of many high-profile performers. After his second last song, he took off his sneakers and lobbed them into the crowd. Laura's tall boyfriend caught one.

"It just flew right into his face and he grabbed it and everyone around us was freaking out trying to get the shoe as well, but we somehow managed to get out with it," she said.

"As we got it, everyone started crying, going crazy, trying to touch it, take pictures, all that crazy stuff."

Laura poses with her boyfriend and Bieber's right shoe at the concert. The picture was shared on @TheLeftYeezy's Instagram account. (@theleftyeezy/Instagram )

But when she got the celebrity shoe home, she realized she didn't really want to keep it.

"I mean, I like Justin and I really like his music and I really appreciate what he's doing, but I'm not like a massive Justin Bieber fan. And I just don't feel right having it at home the whole time and not appreciating it, if you know what I mean."

She's met up with the guy who caught the right shoe. He runs an Instagram account, @theleftyeezy, where he documents his adventures with the sneaker.

Laura's Ebay listing for Bieber's shoe. (ebay)

"We were joking about meeting up and getting these shoes together again and selling them for charity but he just wanted to do this Instagram thing with the shoe," she said.

As for the right Yeezy, Laura says it's a little dirty, but in pretty good condition.

Asked if it smells, she said: "Yeah, a little. I mean, they were super sweaty when we got them. They were, like, wet. But now they are dried and they're smelling like a mixture of new shoes and sweat."

As she waits for a bid to come in, she's keeping a close eye on her prize.

"I really have to take care of it now," she said. "I even took it to university today."


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