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As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

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Part One

Langevin building
The Prime Minister announces an Ottawa building will no longer be named after an architect of the residential school system — but a former Conservative MP calls that a mistake. 

Racist patients
People were shocked by a video in which a woman demanded a "white doctor" at a clinic near Toronto — but medical professionals say that's far from an isolated incident. 

Lube ban
At North America's oldest annual sporting event, the St. John's Regatta, there's a new rule against lubricating rowers' seats — and that could have painful consequences for athletes' backsides. 

Part Two

ID leak
A massive Republican database of personal data on nearly every American voter is left unprotected on the Internet — and our guest will give us a pretty good idea of what, and who, he found in there.

Marian Hossa allergy 
Citing an allergy to his own hockey equipment, Chicago Blackhawks star Marian Hossa announces he'll sit out next season — and a retired NHL-er explains why a similar situation forced him to quit to save his skin. 

Part Three

Otto Warmbier: Kenneth Bae
After Otto Warmbier's death, his family is struggling to understand how he returned to the US from North Korea in a vegetative state. Our guest can shed some light on what Warmbier might have experienced in detention: Kenneth Bae was held in the Hermit Kingdom for 735 days. 

St. Boniface doctor 
First, a Catholic hospital in Winnipeg voted to allow access to assisted death. Then it held another vote that overturned the first vote. And a doctor at that hospital says that second vote was ill-advised — and may even be unconstitutional.