As It Happens

As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

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Part One

Boxer stopped
Former Canadian Olympic boxer Custio Clayton says Montreal police didn't pull him over last night because they wanted an autograph — but because he's black. 

Syria follow-up
In the wake of yesterday's deadly gas attack in northwest Syria, politics come into play — and there's renewed hope that the UN Security Council will take action. 

Pepsi ad 
The soft-drink giant releases a baffling commercial featuring a sweaty cellist, an ambiguous protest, and Kendall Jenner — and retracts it after disgusted viewers give it the cola shoulder. 

Part Two

Arpaio jail closing
After 25 years, Arizona shuts down the infamous "Tent City" jail set up in the middle of the desert by Sheriff Joe Arpaio — in part because prisoners actually wanted to do time there. 

Saskatchewan library cuts
When Saskatchewan makes severe cuts to their budget, the province's libraries face lay-offs and reduced services — which means, for staff and for readers, there's serious trouble on the cards. 

Part Three

Polish WW2 museum
The Polish government says the country's Second World War museum doesn't showcase heroism enough. Which is why it's taking the museum over. 

Celebrity cookbooks
Too many celebrity cooks spoil the broth. And pretty much everything else they tell you how to make — according to a new study of famous people's cookbooks and their recipes for disaster.