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As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

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Part One

Brexit triggered
British Prime Minister Theresa May officially sets the two-year process of Brexit in motion — and our guest, a Conservative MP, is looking forward to the U.K. going it alone. 

Sweden trans compensation
Sweden announces it will compensate transgender people who underwent forced sterilization as a condition of their reassignment surgery — a victory for our guest.

Art index project
A New York artist creates an algorithm to suggest the best art projects for these difficult times. And it's not exactly Bob Ross: one of its suggestions is, "Create a carrot that evokes larger social issues." 

Part Two

Tractor hacking: John Deere
Farmers with so-called "smart tractors" can't afford the maintenance, so they're turning to illegally downloaded, hacked software — and tonight, a John Deere spokesperson gets a fix on the situation. 

US online privacy 
The U.S. Congress strips the privacy from American internet users, giving service providers the freedom to collect and sell people's data — including browsing activity.

Part Three

Calgary radon homes
If you live in or around Calgary, there's a nearly ninety per cent chance you don't have an unacceptable level of radon gas in your home. But one-eighth of the people in that area do. And if you're one of them, Aaron Goodarzi suggests you do something about that. 

Tasmanian tiger
Despite having been declared extinct decades ago, Australia's so-called Tasmanian Tiger — which is actually is a marsupial — may also have been re-established as not extinct at all.