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As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

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Part One

UK parliament attack: witness journalist
A witness to today's violence near the British parliament describes what he saw when someone drove into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, and was shot after stabbing a police officer. 

UK parliament attack: security
Brian Dillon, the former head of Scotland Yard's Specialist Firearms Command, weighs in on whether or not it's time to issue guns to British police. 

Budget: Liberal
Seems like there's a surplus of jargon in the new Liberal budget. We seek some definitive answers from Ginette Petitpas Taylor, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Finance on what it all actually means. 

Part Two

Trump troubadour
strummed up support by playing outside dozens of Donald Trump's campaign rallies — but after seeing the President's health care plan, he's singing a different tune. 

Vice reporter loses appeal
When a Vice News journalist loses his legal fight to keep the material he'd gathered for a story to himself, he says the Canadian media stands to lose the cooperation of sources.  

Part Three

Budget: Conservative reaction
Dan Albas is the deputy finance critic for the Conservative Party.

Budget: NDP reaction
Alexandre Boulerice is the NDP's finance critic.

McGuinness obit: De Chastelain
In 1995, General de Chastelain became actively involved in Northern Ireland's peace process — and eventually focused on the disarmament of the armed groups there. That's where Martin McGuinness came in.