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How a Vancouver pub 'annoyed an entire country' with a poorly poured pint of Guinness

Railtown Cafe's photo of an overflowing pint of Guinness oozing with foam is drawing ire from people in Ireland.
This image, posted to Railtown Cafe's Facebook page, has ignited fury among the Irish. (Twitter)

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Dan Olson, owner of the Railtown Cafe in Vancouver, woke up on Tuesday morning to find his phone inundated with angry messages from the good people of Ireland.

The target of their rage? A photo of a very badly poured pint of Guinness posted to the pub's Facebook page to promote its upcoming St. Patrick's Day celebrations.

"There was some irate people up there and, believe me, there were some colourful comments," Olson told As It Happens host Carol Off.

"Let's just say that Jesus Christ was brought into it on more than one occasion. One comment actually said that Jesus wept when he saw our pint of Guinness." 

Olson admits, it really was a terrible pour.

"It was coming out of a can. It was frothing over the tip like you'd find a Budweiser in a tailgate commercial," he said. "So, instead of cascading up to have a nice proper head like Guinness is supposed to, it was a mess."

The Irish Independent newspaper branded it "sacrilegious," while the Irish Mirror said it "caused Irish people everywhere to grimace in disgust."

"We really annoyed an entire country," Olson said. 

"The picture was not representative of us. We actually do know how to pour a Guinness. It was a mistake and we take full responsibility for it."

The Railtown Cafe is now extending a booze-soaked olive branch to the citizens of Ireland. Anyone with a valid Irish passport who swings by the pub on St. Patrick's Day will get a free pint of "nicely poured" Guinness and a shot of Jameson whisky to boot.

"What's St.Paddy's Day without a room full of Irishmen drinking Guinness and Jameson?" Olson said.