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As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

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Part One

Aleppo photo
In the photograph, a man listens intently to his gramophone, in front of shattered windows in a rubble-strewn bedroom in Aleppo. Tonight, we speak with the man who took that photo. 

Quebec pileup
A Montreal commuter says she's thankful to be alive after last night's blizzard turned her 20-minute trip home into an nine-hour nightmare.

Guinness beer 
Grown adults don't actually cry over spilled milk — but a controversial St. Patrick's Day ad proves that a dribbling pint of Guinness can reduce devoted drinkers to tears of rage. 

Part Two

Trump: Great Lakes
The Trump Administration may be preparing to slash the funding of the Great Lakes clean-up program — and a Wisconsin mayor tells us what he's doing to keep that program from being watered down. 

Library smell
Books are just one of many factors that contribute to the distinctive odour of an old library — and our guest is taking all of them into account to recreate the odour of one library in particular, as it smelled a century ago. 

Part Three

Encore: Romeo Dallaire
An encore presentation of Carol's interview with General Romeo Dallaire — whose most recent memoir recounts the devastating impact the Rwandan genocide has had on his psyche.