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As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

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Part One

Marie Collins
It seemed like a huge step forward when a sex-abuse survivor joined the Pope's commission for the protection of minors — but now Marie Collins has quit, citing a distressing lack of progress.

Rayon partnership
Whether you're a tree hugger or not, if you wear rayon, a tree is hugging you. But now, thanks to a Canadian group, an enormous American clothing conglomerate is now going to get its fabric from sustainable forests. 

Hamilton street hockey
For the first time in sixty years, it will once again be legal to play street hockey in the city of Hamilton, Ontario.

Part Two

Confederate flag sentencing
In 2015, a group of Confederate flag lovers cruelly disrupted an eight-year-old black child's birthday party — and this week, two of them were given prison sentences. 

Train track hero
Thanks to  Canadian Forces soldier Rushad Bharda, a truck driver managed to get off the train tracks where he was stuck — while a train was approaching.

Part Three

Oldest traces of life?
The "micro-fossils" that University College London researcher Dominic Papineau and his team found in rocks in Quebec date back 4 billion years — making them  the oldest evidence of life on Earth.

Conservative debate and carbon tax
At last night's Conservative leadership debate, MP Michael Chong faced opposition from his opponents, and from the crowd — but he says that won't stop him from turning his party into a carbon-taxing Canadian powerhouse. 

Bowling competition
Seven-year-old Grayson Powell was disqualified from a bowling tournament this weekend because organizers said he was wearing the wrong colour of pants.