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As It Happens: Wednesday Edition

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

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Part One

Stuart McLean obit
He contained multitudes. Dave and Morley, their many friends and neighbours, and Galway the cat — after more than two decades, their stories have come to an end, with the death of the legendary CBC storyteller, Stuart McLean.  

Michael Flynn resignation
The end of Michael Flynn's short tenure as U.S. National Security Advisor may just mark the beginning of an investigation into his conversations with the Russian Ambassador. 

Beetle ant 
A newly discovered beetle isn't a butt-in-ski so much as a butt-on-ski — hitching a ride on the rear end of the deadly army ant. 

Part Two

Narcissistic personality
Psychiatrist Allen Frances says U.S. President Donald Trump is self-absorbed and destructive, but we should stop saying he's mentally ill — because it's insulting to people who really are. 

Banksy art
When the mysterious Banksy put a piece on a wall in Toronto, the question was whether to wipe it off, or save it. And Jared Menkes — whose company owns that building — went with the second option. 

Part Three

Oroville dam resident
Residents of Oroville, California are no longer being ordered to leave, but they're still on high alert — because their community is still under threat from a damaged dam.  

NAFTA explainer
What does "tweak" mean? Obviously, it depends on the context. But U.S. President Donald Trump used it in the context of NAFTA —  so there's a lot riding on his definition.